WE Develop INNOVATIVE Experiences

MIRAJ International offers service to international clients including induvial property owners, Residential, Commercial developers and investors. Miraj helps offshore buyers who are keen to invest in high quality residential/ Commercial development projects in Australia to diversify and maximise their property portfolio.

We are fully integrated real estate company, specializing in land acquisition & development, site construction, homes building, and land marketing and investment opportunities for individual investors. Our focus for the years to come, will be to helping in acquire and develop land, and to create the best communities and environments for the fastest growing segment of the population. Our global footprint: Middle East, Asia and Africa.


Miraj Project manager is in charge of the entire project, from design to the final touches. Miraj team finds the land where to build, contacts the relevant people to obtain the necessary confirmations or permissions for the development of infrastructures, and oversees the work of the engineers, evaluators, planners and architects to bring the project to fruition.

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