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Real Estate Building and Construction

Make your dream home a reality

Building a property is definitely not a walk in the park, and can sometimes be a very stressful experience for some. At Miraj Property, we have our own construction program, designed to meet all your building and construction needs. Our highly qualified team is dedicated to deliver efficient services to you, with:

  • Fixed price contracts and
  • Accurate start and completion dates
  • As well as our turn-key building solutions so tenants can move in without you having to lift a finger

Our homes and commercial spaces are built to ‘WOW’ and showcase exquisite workmanship. Keeping in mind the client’s best interest, we also negotiate very strong service level agreements, after care maintenance programs and warranty insurances.

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Real Estate Project Management

Your trusted partner for end-to-end project management services

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all your work was being done for you by someone you can trust? We understand that it takes a lot of necessary tasks to successfully manage a property, viz.:

  • Making the right choice in property type or asset class (real estate, shares) selection
  • Addressing tax and legal structures with accountants and lawyers
  • Coordinating with banks and getting the right investment finance
  • Conveyancing and coordinating the settlement of your purchase
  • Building and construction
  • Dealing with insurance companies
  • Quantity surveyors, and quality assurance measures

With excellent communication that will keep you updated at every step, our dedicated team at Mirage Property can run the entire process for you.

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Real Estate Property Advisory

Your go-to guide for investment and increased returns

Not everyone has the expertise to be an independent investor, and this makes getting appropriate advice an important aspect in the process. A well thought out property investment can lead to:

  • Capital growth
  • Rental yields
  • A passive income

To make this successful and get the best possible returns, good advice based on ‘real experience’ plays a key role. The Property Advisory team at Miraj Property offers a specialised Property Analysis Process that aids in getting the right advice at the right time, accompanied with detailed planning. Our investment and advisory teams are experienced, and using our specialised process they ensure that each investment option falls within the top 5% of investment property performers.

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Real Estate Property/Asset Management

Manage your property with zero worries

It comes as no surprise that an experienced property manager is needed, to be able to reap the benefits of your investment carefree. A bad property manager can lead to inefficient results, often requiring you to do the work you hired the manager to do. We have come to solve your problems with our team, that brings best practices from the field with their personal and professional experiences, to ensure hassle free management of your investment. You can leave your investment in the care of trustworthy hands at Miraj Property. Having a good property manager ensures that at least 95% of the tenants pay the rent timely. Miraj property can arrange the rental payment allowing you to receive them in time to your mortgage payments.

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Real Estate Portfolio Managment

Secure your future with our wealth management services

Having tailormade and end-to-end support in managing finances seems like a dream, but we are here to solve your worries. Using wealth creation strategies we offer management with careful planning, yet step-by-step flexibility, in three simple steps.

  • Set up the correct foundation to secure the future in order to support the years ahead
  • Invest in the right asset classes for you. This becomes your vehicle for financial freedom while you also accumulate knowledge necessary for investment.
  • Once the right assets have been secured, attention is shifted to the preservation of the accumulated assets. We also utilise debt-reduction strategies to ensure financial freedom.
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